19 czerwca 2018

How to build orthophotomap with drone data collecting?

We will try to follow procedure of collecting data, preparing orthophotomapa and print professional orthophotomapa.

1 day 9-12 Theoretical basis of photogrammetry. Introduction to UAV’s and flight planning

2 day 9-12 Preparing flight plan and collecting the data from the sky. Importing data into Agisoft Photoscan and the first look on the data.

3 day 9-12 Preparing orthophotomapa with Agisoft, based on photo points. Editing professional map with ArcGis. The last step will be exporting data and printing a map of UMCS Campus.

The first part of course will be based on principal acknowledgement on Photogrammetry. We try to explain basic physical processes of light-surface interaction. After introduction to planning mission and the basics of GPS measurements, we will plan 2 missions around University building, and fly with UAV. After data collecting, we will work on data and prepare photogrammetric project. When the project will be done, we try to prepare it to be printing. The last step will be printing a map.

Marcin Siłuch, DSc.

• Assistant Professor in the Geoinformatics Laboratory, Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin.
• Scientific interests: photogrammetry, remote sensing, temporal and spatial vegetation changes,


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