19 czerwca 2018

Integration of spatial data from various sources

Students will learn how to aquire spatial data using GNSS/RTK positioning, aerial imaging, airborne Light Detection and Range and ground-penetrating radar. The second step will be data intergration in GIS environment.

1 day 9-12 Theoretical basis of GNSS/RTK. Introduction to coordinate systems. Data collection with GNSS/RTK. Short introduction to UAV systems and data collection using drone equipped with rgb camera.

2 day 9-12 Theoretical basis of ground-penetrating radar. Data acquisition by georadar. Introduction to LiDAR, data collection for the specified area.

3 day 9-12 Preparing orthophotomap and numerical terrain model with dedicated software, on the basis of data collected earlier. Integration of data in GIS software.




Piotr Bartmiński, DSc.


  • Assistant Professor in the Department of Soil Science and Protection, Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin.
  • Scientific interests: remote sensing, soil functioning in the environment, spatial modeling
  • Head of the project „The use of hyperspectral imaging for parametrizaiom of the growing season in the context of the characteristics of soil cover”.



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