2 czerwca 2018

This Year

Hello All!

It is only a month left, before we meet in the city of Lublin to spend together a week of holidays at the HERE Summer School 2018.

We cannot wait to meet you all in person, and enjoy summer in Poland.

Before that, a bunch of practical information about arrival, logistics, program and entertainment.


We start on Monday, the 2nd of July at 18:00 with the opening ceremony. It will take place at the Maria Curie Skłodowska University, FACULTY OF EARTH SCIENCES AND SPATIAL MANAGEMENT, address: al. Kraśnicka 2cd, 20-718 Lublin (www.wnozigp.umcs.lublin.pl).
But before that, you will be asked to register at the Registration Desk. It will be located at the students’ dormitory “Dodek” addr.: ul. Langiewicza 8, Lublin (http://www.up.lublin.pl/4945/), open from 16:00.

This is also our accommodation venue for the whole week (double rooms – we will split the rooms during the registration according to your preferences)


Regarding transportation to Lublin – there is a several options of transportation from Warsaw.

The convenient train connection to Lublin is at:

7:50 – arrival 10:51

11:50 – arr. 14:44

13:55 – arr. 17.21

15:50 – arr. 18:56

You can check on: http://rozklad-pkp.pl/en

The other option is to take a bus. There is a bus connection every 30 minutes/1 hour.

You can find a convenient connection at: https://en.e-podroznik.pl/


From Tuesday till Thursday, we will spend 3 day on classroom courses as well as practical classes. Before the lunch we will have classes held by University staff on 3 different topics (I will share this information with you shortly). Afternoons will be reserved for field activities.

Friday is booked for the sightseeing trip, we will spend a day on kayaking nearby river, and evening at the camp fire.

Saturday, we will have some extra time to finish fieldwork and to learn some extra topics, as well as the evening farewell party. We will depart from Lublin on Sunday morning.

The draft of the agenda is attached in the excel file.

More emails will come. We will ask you to choose your preferences of the courses, share the details of your arrivals, food preferences and so on.

Shortly, we will launch a webpage with all the information you might need.

You might also want to follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HERE-Summer-School-18-454627011655149

In case you have any questions, you can reach me directly via email, or mobile at: +48 664069193

Stay tuned! More information will come!




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